Research Profile and Mission Statement of the Chair

In January 2012, the Chair of Hydraulic Turbomachinery (Lehrstuhl für Hydraulische Strömungsmaschinen) was established with the founding of the Bochum Competence Center for Hydraulic Turbomachinery and the appointment of Prof. Romuald Skoda. The research profile of the HSM is characterized by the virtualization of machine and component development, particularly the numerical simulation of single and multiphase flows in fluid energy machines. We see our research mandate as bridging the gap from fundamental and method-oriented to machine and application-oriented research. Funding is sourced from grants for basic research (e.g., DFG), through pre-competitive industrial collective research, to industry financing. The main research focuses are:

  • Fluid mechanics in centrifugal and displacement pumps, hydraulic components, and systems
  • Multiphase flows (degassing and transport of air, particle-laden flows)
  • Cavitation, cavitation erosion, and bubble dynamics
  • Simulation of transitional and turbulent flows

In addition to the use of existing numerical and experimental methods to address fluid mechanical research questions and further development of machine components, the research also involves the tailored development of CFD methods and optical flow measurement techniques. The investigations are also conducted in collaboration with other research disciplines at the Bochum Competence Center for Hydraulic Turbomachinery."


At the core of the teaching offerings is fluid mechanics: the chair is responsible for the basic education in fluid mechanics of the bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and SEPM, and additionally offers an extensive advanced fluid mechanics teaching portfolio in the master's program. This curriculum is complemented by the master's concentration in 'Fluid Machinery,' offered since 2014 in conjunction with the Chair of Thermal Turbomachines and Aeroengines, adding machine-oriented aspects. The courses are offered to students in the form of lectures, in-depth exercises, seminars, and specialized labs, as well as academic works (semester or project, bachelor's, and master's theses). The selection of topics for these academic works is based on the ongoing research projects of the chair. Customized training and seminars for industry representatives can be offered as needed.

Competence Center Hydraulic Fluid Machinery

The Chair of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery carries out fluid mechanics research and training relating to hydraulic machines and is a central component of the interdisciplinary Bochum Competence Center for Hydraulic Fluid Machinery. more information