Experimental equipment

Test bench

The Chair of Hydraulic Turbomachinery has specialized test benches for conducting various fluid mechanical investigations. These facilities are used for both research purposes and in teaching (Fachlabore).

The available experimental setups allow for the examination of multiphase flows and cavitation, as well as classical aerodynamic inquiries. Pump test benches are available for investigating hydraulic turbomachinery. A cavitation test bench and a sonotrode test bench are used for studying hydraulic and acoustic cavitation. Additionally, for aerodynamic investigations, the chair has a subsonic wind tunnel of Göttingen design. More detailed information about each test bench can be found in the following sections.

Measurement technology

The Chair of Hydraulic Turbomachinery is equipped with diverse and modern measurement technology. This includes established pneumatic methods such as multi-hole probes, as well as state-of-the-art optical measurement techniques (PIV, LDA). The necessary measurement hardware and software of the chair are listed in the following sections.

Contact person for further information on the measurement technology equipment: Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Paßmann.